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System Requirements

AccQuire is easy to install and use. It has many technical features that make it ideal for any size CE unit. Whether it's installed on one PC or on a network, AccQuire is a powerful database that can keep up with all your needs. AccQuire will also support your administrative requirements with secure system logins that limit functionality to appropriate staff members.

Workstations: Pentium-based PCs, 128MB RAM minimum, Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP, and IE 5.01 or later installed.

Server: NT/2000-based Network server, or for smaller installations, a single PC as stated above with at least 128MB RAM and 2GB free drive space.

Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server or MSDE.

Warranty/Ongoing Support: First year upgrades, phone support and maintenance are included. Optional annual maintenance thereafter is priced at 20% of the purchase price before any/all discounts.

AccQuire is more than a technical product—it is an application that matches a carefully designed business process. Teeboom LLC is familiar with the limited budgets of the CE industry, the hardships your staff must overcome, and the best strategies for outreach, internal and follow-up activities. AccQuire relies on dependable, tested marketing methods and will help your CE marketing unit fill more seats, decrease costs, and increase revenues.



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