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About Teeboom LLC
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About Teeboom LLC

At Teeboom LLC, we understand that continuing education—even with its novel mission—is a business. CE units need to sell, prompt, and convince prospective students to buy. They need to advertise and promote their product benefits just as other companies do for consumer products. As such, the CE division's responsibility goes beyond developing suitable curriculum to promoting a customer-focused business that locates its potential customers through commercial marketing and sales.

Teeboom LLC was founded in fall 2002 on the premise that CE marketing practices can be handled smoothly and cost effectively using the right data management system. We’ve designed and packaged this system and present it to you as AccQuire.

AccQuire was the vision of a seasoned CE professional who is familiar with the limited budgets of the CE industry, the hardships that CE staff must overcome, and the strategies that work best for outreach and internal and follow-up activities. AccQuire encapsulates dependable, tested marketing methods that will help CE marketing units fill more seats, decrease costs, and increase revenues.


Key Personnel


President & Founder
Teeboom LLC president and founder Troy Teeboom was the Director of Marketing for The George Washington University and Assistant Vice President of GWSolutions, a George Washington University Enterprise. Troy managed a $2 million marketing budget for over 50 continuing education programs, generating revenues of over $25 million annually. From 1994 to 2002, he earned more than 20 marketing awards from the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA), including “Best of Show”.

Troy’s most notable contribution to GW’s success was the infrastructure he designed and implemented to facilitate the entire recruitment process. This infrastructure included arming the division with a talented marketing staff and building a database system that supported the department, personnel, and business process at-large. The system simplified and automated many ongoing tasks while it empowered the staff to make better decisions. That system was the basis for AccQuire—and today at GW it has grown to over 125,000 prospective student leads and is considered its best asset for ongoing marketing.

Prior to joining GW, Troy worked in the fields of project management, database development, and LAN administration. Troy earned a B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts and an M.S. in Business Technologies from The George Washington University.   [e-mail]  [resume]



Senior Business Strategist
As strategy advisor for Teeboom LLC, Jennifer Yang has both public and private sector experience in marketing, project management, facilitation, program development, and budgeting. Jennifer’s experience includes management consulting and university administration. She understands the unique environment of higher education and specifically continuing education. In addition to management consulting, Jennifer is currently a business management professor.

Jennifer earned a B.S. in Economics with concentrations in Marketing and Multinational Management from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Virginia Tech.   [e-mail]



Technical Director/Developer
AccQuire’s primary programmer/developer and information systems consultant, Christopher Pisano brings many years of software and database development experience to the company. His background includes working with technology firms, non-profit organizations, government entities and educational institutions.

Christopher has great experience in designing and building database applications. His focus on databases and database methodologies along with user experience has aided him in the many successful projects he has been a part of. Christopher has been involved in multiple projects that focus on customer relationships and customer-focused business strategies using technological solutions.

Christopher earned a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from John Carroll University.   [e-mail]



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