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About AccQuire
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About AccQuire

Teeboom LLC designed AccQuire to handle the most sophisticated CE marketing practices with ease. More than simply a database, AccQuire is an innovative and complete data management system that compliments your CE unit's marketing processes. It does so by streamlining interactions with prospective students and making better use of your limited advertising dollars.

AccQuire is armed with powerful features that will invigorate your marketing efforts, including:

  • Data entry (via operator or the web)
  • Mail fulfillment
  • Inventory control
  • Direct marketing
  • Campaign result tracking
  • Sales / follow-up
  • Queries and reporting
  • Events (open houses / information sessions)

Capture, Mine, and Target:
Release the Power of Your Leads

AccQuire ensures the success of your direct marketing campaigns and repeat efforts including email, direct mailers, postcards, and catalogs by providing you with the tools that get you your best leads. With AccQuire’s tracking systems you will know what works, what doesn't, and how much it all cost—from every ad you place to every piece of mail you send. Further, you can track conversions when your leads actually enroll in class.

The power of AccQuire reveals itself during your first entries, when you type in a zip code and the auto fill-in and validation features automatically populate city and state. But the real power of AccQuire is seen over time, as you build a database that becomes your most valuable marketing asset.

AccQuire Works in Your Environment

AccQuire works in both large and small offices managing any volume of activity. The application runs in a Windows environment on as little as one PC, or on a large network with functionality that could help everyone in your office share leads effectively. AccQuire will also support your administrative requirements with secure system logins that limit functionality to appropriate staff members.

For centralized marketing units AccQuire is used at full capacity, organized by interest areas, so you will always know which leads belong to which programs—or you can combine interest areas for powerful cross marketing. You will close more sales with the ability to target individuals or groups with personalized messages.

For smaller decentralized units or single program units, AccQuire can be priced and installed accordingly.

Click here for the AccQuire product brochure.



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