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Benefits of AccQuire

Teeboom LLC knows your business and we know your marketing dollars are limited. AccQuire enables you to acquire more while spending less. By helping you convert more students from the inquiries you receive, you can reduce your advertising costs and best allocate the dollars you spend.


AccQuire is built to suit your business processes. These processes include entry, tracking, mail fulfillment, information sessions, sales, contact management, corporate leads, inventory control, ongoing database marketing, follow-up, and more.


AccQuire features easy and error-free data entry, all functioning around interest areas and their reps, events, and timely delivery of marketing collateral and personalized messages. A powerful web component works with your existing site or any new site to which you upgrade.


With AccQuire, you'll finally have tracking systems in place that help you really understand what works, what doesn't, and how much it all costs—from every ad you place to every piece of mail you send. Further, you'll be able to track conversions when your leads actually enroll in class.


AccQuire offers automated reporting for staff distribution and electronic access that saves paper and communications effort. Daily labels and customized letters can be generated with the push of a button, and special needs are covered with ad hoc reporting capabilities.


Powerful personal touch modules log call-back dialog and activity for your program representatives and management. With your reps having direct access to the system and their leads (and helpful features like discussion logs and call-back ticklers), you can monitor their activities and see them close more sales.

Click here for a examples of how AccQuire can save you money (ROI Sheet) (61KB).



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