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AccQuire’s CAPTURE Functionality

The data you enter is only as good as the quality of entry. AccQuire’s validated data entry helps preserve data integrity by interactively checking for completeness and entry errors.

Data entry and web entry forms that enhance input:

  • Look-up function that eliminates duplication
  • Field validation and error checking
  • Auto fill-in of city and state from zip code
  • Live information to operators
  • Notification of upcoming events
  • Web-enabled forms

Analyze your leads according to:

  • Interest areas
  • Marketing sources
  • Time to conversion
  • Cost per inquiry

Mail fulfillment capabilities:

  • Mailing labels and stuffing instructions
  • Personalized letters
  • "Save-the-date" reminders
  • Automated e-mail confirmations

Inventory of marketing collateral:

  • What quantities remain
  • Where materials are going
  • What you need to order
  • How much they cost to make

Powerful reporting capabilities:

  • Distribute leads to appropriate staff for follow-up
  • Provide activity reports for management
  • Track marketing results for trend analysis
  • Electronic reporting options

Robust querying power:

  • Flexible query templates
  • Mailing list generation based on any demographics you collect
  • Unlimited ad hoc query capability
  • Data export for external purposes and vendors
  • Designed for non-programmers



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