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Features and Functions Answers

How are our numerous programs differentiated in AccQuire?

AccQuire is organized by interest areas, so you will always know which leads belong to which programs. You can also combine interest areas for powerful cross marketing. This program-of-interest orientation allows your programs to be managed from one centralized system, requiring fewer resources and lower overhead.

What features will help us close sales?

You will maximize your program rep's sales productivity with several powerful features:

  • Direct access to their program's leads.
  • Personal touch features including look-up, profiles, discussion logs, and call-back ticklers.
  • Customizable and personalized letters "on the fly" for post or e-mail.
  • Sales activity tracking that informs management who and what is selling.

How does AccQuire help facilitate our events?

Robust event modules automate marketing, management, and reservations for all your open house and information session events. Support features assist with appropriate staffing, catering, and room requirements.

What functionality will support our daily mail fulfillment?

AccQuire's mail fulfillment components simplify and streamline the process for building and mailing marketing packets. One simple click will provide you with labels for all new leads as well as the related personalized stuffing materials.

How does AccQuire help track inventory of marketing collateral?

AccQuire's inventory controls provide up-to-the-minute inventory levels on each program's remaining marketing collateral, eliminating the need for manual counting.

How does AccQuire calculate my campaign results?

Powerful administrative functions help your marketing department document, organize, and communicate data about your current campaigns including time, location, and cost. As a result, AccQuire is aware of campaign details so that it can track and report on results. AccQuire automatically identifies costs, including which campaigns generate the most qualified leads, so you know where to direct future efforts.

How does AccQuire handle corporate/contract interests?

Corporate tracking helps identify an organization's interests so that lucrative leads get the special attention they deserve and require.

Can I get my reports electronically?

Yes. All paper reports can be previewed first and distributed electronically. Electronic reporting cuts paper costs and saves the hassle of printing and distributing reports.



Technical Answers

What does 'validated entry' mean?

The validated entry process facilitates operator input and scans work for errors, reducing incomplete records and undeliverable parcels.

How does AccQuire eliminate duplicate records?

AccQuire has a look-up function that searches names and addresses as you enter new contact information.

Does AccQuire have web screens for inquiries from the Internet?

AccQuire offers web-enabled forms that have the same stringent entry functionality as live entry. These automated forms reduce manual work by front operators, potentially saving you thousands of man-hours per year.

What technical expertise is required to extract data from the system?

Powerful query tools enable direct marketing novices to extract data from the system. Most queries are performed by the simple click of a button.



Purchasing AccQuire Answers

I want AccQuire - how do I get it?

While AccQuire can be considered "off-the-shelf” software, you won't find it in a local store. Although installation is easy, it will include training and the migration of old data from your existing system(s). Contact Teeboom LLC today for more information about acquiring AccQuire.



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